Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The Mammals that I like

Here are some of the mammals that I like.


They are the kings of the river. They are the third largest land animal. The first largest land animal is elephant. The second largest land animal is rhino. Hippopotamus swim underwater. They eat water plants. Baby hippos are born in the water and can swim before thay can walk. I walked before I started to swim.


I like cow because they give milk. They live on farms. They moo. They eat grass and leaves. I like to write a poem about cow now. I have seen many cows on the road.

Mooing, eating
Brown, black, white
They give us milk

Elephant is the first largest animal. I have touched the elephants. Their skin is thick. They touch my head with their long trunk. I feel blessed when they touch my head. They are the handsome and big black coloured animals. They sound like a trumpet.

Which mammal you like the most?
Teeny Weeny Bubble

TGV Train

Trains are a series of cars moved by locomotives. Locomotives are self propelled engine that pulls a train. It is a railway vehicle that gives power to the train. I like to share something about TGV trains. TGV trains are high speed electrical trains made in France. TGV trains move on special high speed tracks. The first TGV train ran across Paris and Lyon in the year 1981. This happened in the past before 31 years. Paris and Lyon are cities in France. Paris is the capital of France. France is in continent Europe. TGV train looks like an air plane in the front side. TGV train can run very fast and cover a long distance. They can cover 575 kilometres in one hour, where as a regular train travels 120 kilometres per hour. TGV trains are the fastest wheel trains in the world. 

In French, TGV is called as Train a Grande Vitesse, meaning high speed train. 

What do you know about trains?
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Monday, 5 March 2012

Oil Tanker that I want to make

I want to make an oil tanker with wood. First, I will cut the wood with the saw. Then, I will put fevicol around. I will cut another wood. The bow comes out. A bow is something which is under a ship. I will put the name under the bow. Then, I will arrange the tank. Then, I will put the oil inside the tank. After that, I will close the tank with a plastic.  I need to put a sailor's cabin. I will put the oil tanker in my own shop.

Things that I need to make the oil tanker

1. Wood pieces (I have it already)
2. Saw (I need to buy)
3. Fevicol (I have it)
4. Plastic (I need to find)
5. Little Oil (I have)