Friday, 8 March 2013

Sky Watch Friday - I See The Pink In The Sky

Hello Friends,
Here is my pick for the Sky Watch Friday.

I see the blue in the sky,
I see the grey in the sky,
I see the white in the sky,
I see the red in the sky,
I see the yellow in the sky,
I see the orange in the sky,

Watch more sky and write more poems.
Teeny Weeny Bubble

Sunday, 3 March 2013


To me, achievement is to finish my book. If I do not finish a book, I feel I have done less. It is important for me to finish a book and that is achievement. I am so crazy about completing everything. It is very important for me to complete any work I started. If I start making model  I have to complete. If I start learning to play a song in piano, I have to complete learning it and play very well too. If I have not completed it, I feel I have not achieved. It is really important for me to perfect and achieve and sometimes mom says, "COME ON, RELAX"

The dictionary says, "Achievement is a thing done successfully, with effort, courage and skill". I don't know what else to write about achievement. We started to read poems on "Achievement". And here is a sentence that I liked from a poem in this Poetry Website. I liked the line that says, 


What does achievement means for you?
Teeny Weeny Bubble.

3 Dimensional Island

Once, I was reading about several types of landforms and I thought of making an island craft. We had moved to a new home, so we had lots of thermocoles left. So, we used the thermocole to make an island. One thermocole had a deep circle hole in the middle and we thought it is a good idea to use it to make an island. For trees and bushes, I cut green construction paper. Initially it was difficult to cut the paper, later it became very easy. Since then, I started to get better in using scissors. Mom helped me to be safe when I  used scissors. I painted it with green for leaves and branches, brown for the tree trunk. 

I got the thermocole ready by painting green in the middle and blue for water, all around. Then, I pasted the trees and bushes in the middle. 

New Zealand is an island country. Hawaii is an island state. Australia is huge continent geographically, but as a land form, it can be considered as an island because it is fully surrounded by water. Cuba, Ireland and United Kingdom are islands.

Greenland is the largest island. An island that I have visited is SriRangam. It is a temple town situated in Trichy. SriRangam is surrounded by River Cauvery. 

Click here for 'The world's 10 best islands" according to National Geographic.

I am going to research and learn a lot about islands and other landforms. I like Geography so much. Have you made any models for land forms? If so, can you show me the models you made?
Teeny Weeny Bubble.

Friday, 1 March 2013

Lego Flying Vehicles

Hello friends,
Today, I am participating in Lego Fun Friday at frugalfun4boys. Today's challenge is to build flying vehicles. I have built couple of flying vehicles using Lego blocks and I'd like to show case them here.

This is the simplest helicopter that I made.

Here is a simple and beautiful air plane. It is very easy to make.

Here is a police heavy lift helicopter. It has two blades. Its engines look like plane engines.

A police jeep can actually get into this helicopter. Can you believe?

In the middle, there is a door and it can really open.

This helicopter is made out of more than 400 pieces of Lego blocks. I created it all by myself.

Bye friends. Show me the Lego models you made.
Teeny Weeny Bubble.

Thursday, 28 February 2013

Sky watch Friday 3 - Blazing Sun

For  Sky Watch Friday this week, I like to share this beautiful picture that my mom clicked. I was standing with her watching the sun blaze like a diamond. Take a look.

Blazing Sun
Now, it is poem writing time. Is everyone going to think my poem is boring? I started writing 'If I were' poem, mom said, try creating something different. May be, she is bored with the 'If I were' poems. Mom and me always co learn with each other just like a co pilot being with a pilot. My poem is about the funny sun Billy Bunter and here is what we created.

Blazing Sun Billy Bunter,
Shines like a diamond;
He makes me feel electrified,
Inside my body.

Lots of love, thank you so much everyone for comments. I will reply to all of you, but slowly.
Teeny Weeny Bubble.

When there is no wind at all

Hello friends,
I like to share a poem that I wrote about wind. I also drew a picture about how wind blows.

My mom gave me a poem prompt and coached me to create this poem. What coaching means is, she asks lot of questions and I answer.  And, the poem prompt is "When there is no wind at all" and I imagined many beautiful lines for the prompt.

When there is no wind at all,
there is no one to gently touch me,
I miss a friend from nature,
there is no one to blow away my papers,
there is no one to dance circles in my home,
So wind,
blow, blow, blow,
touch me,
dance with me,
be my friend.

by Teeny Weeny Bubble, 8 years.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Skywatch Friday - If I Shine Like You

If I Shine Like You
If I shine like you, I'd shine like gold,
If I shine like you, I'd shine bright,
If I shine like you, I'd shine in the sky,
If I shine like you, I'd shine like a fireball,
If I shine like you, I'd shine high,
If I shine like you, I'd shine fabulously.

Shine, shine shine like a sun. Did you like my sky watch picture and poem this week? Sky watching is fun. I focus for a long time time looking at sky every evening with my mommy. 

If you like to see more Sky Watch pictures, visit this link.
They have plenty of them. They are so beautiful. I made lot of friends. They all have commented on my picture. I am so happy. I am now learning about them and their country. I am going to start learning about the city Venice. Venice is in Italy.  My mommy will now help me to link this blog post to the skyley.blogspot.

Bye, leave comments, ok.
Teeny Weeny Bubble. 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Skywatch Friday - If I were you

If I were you, I 'd be puffy
If I were you, I'd cause thunders
If I were you, I'd float in the air
If I were you, I'd pour rains on to the earth

Did you enjoy my sky watch picture and the beautiful poem I wrote? If so, write to me, I would like to hear from you.
Teeny Weeny Bubble.