Monday, 5 March 2012

Oil Tanker that I want to make

I want to make an oil tanker with wood. First, I will cut the wood with the saw. Then, I will put fevicol around. I will cut another wood. The bow comes out. A bow is something which is under a ship. I will put the name under the bow. Then, I will arrange the tank. Then, I will put the oil inside the tank. After that, I will close the tank with a plastic.  I need to put a sailor's cabin. I will put the oil tanker in my own shop.

Things that I need to make the oil tanker

1. Wood pieces (I have it already)
2. Saw (I need to buy)
3. Fevicol (I have it)
4. Plastic (I need to find)
5. Little Oil (I have)