Monday, 24 February 2014

Sound Poem - Traffic In The Street

Hello Friends,
I have been learning all about sounds, nowadays. Sound words are called as Onomatopoeia. Do you remember the conversation between Rabbit and Tigger? If not, watch it here. It is fun and find out what Rabbit feels about Onomatopoeia by watching this video.

Mommy and I have been exploring lots and lots of sound words. Here are some sound words that I discovered from the internet:- bam, bang, bash, bomp, bump, clang, clank, clap, clash, crash, ding, dong, flap, flog and flop. For more sound words and their meaning, take a look at this Onomatopoeia dictionary.

And, we have been doing a lot of creative things around sound words. I will share all of it with you one by one. Firstly, I will share a poem that I wrote about sound.

Traffic rushing down the street,
It is full of thrilling sounds,
it honks,
it beeps,
it v rooms,
it zooms,
it crashes,
it dashes,
it screeches,
it bumps,
it bangs,
it sneezes
and it splashes.

I also illustrated the above poem. Because, I love to draw. Take a look.

I have a lot more to share with you about Onomatopoeia. See you later. Happy Learning.
Teeny Weeny Bubble.

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