Friday, 1 March 2013

Lego Flying Vehicles

Hello friends,
Today, I am participating in Lego Fun Friday at frugalfun4boys. Today's challenge is to build flying vehicles. I have built couple of flying vehicles using Lego blocks and I'd like to show case them here.

This is the simplest helicopter that I made.

Here is a simple and beautiful air plane. It is very easy to make.

Here is a police heavy lift helicopter. It has two blades. Its engines look like plane engines.

A police jeep can actually get into this helicopter. Can you believe?

In the middle, there is a door and it can really open.

This helicopter is made out of more than 400 pieces of Lego blocks. I created it all by myself.

Bye friends. Show me the Lego models you made.
Teeny Weeny Bubble.


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    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment.

  2. Great designs! I really like the plane. Thanks for participating in our Lego challenge!!

    1. Sarah,
      Thanks for the comment. I enjoyed participating in your Lego challenge.